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When Traveling in China


  • A foreigner who wants to enter china must enter at the appointed port of entry

A valid visa and passport are needed

  • Registration for Lodging A foreign visitor should provide a valid passport and fill in a registration when applying for lodging in a hotel, guesthouse, school or any other Chinese establishment.
  • When staying with a Chinese family, a foreigner should submit a report to the local public security organ within twenty-four hours (when the house is located in urban area), or seventy-two hours (when the house is in rural area) after arrival with valid identification documents of both the guest and the host
  • When a foreign stay with a foreigner's family or resident foreign institution in China, a report also should be submitted to the local public security organ within 24 hours after arrival with the documents of both the guest and the host, and fill in the temporary lodging registration form
  • With a valid passport and tourist visa (L), foreigners can only visit those cities opened to them in China.
  • Foreigners are not allowed to enter areas not opened to them, otherwise punishment would befall. Anyone who wants to visit an area not opened to foreigners should apply for a Foreigners Travel Permit from the local public security organ. Only after the approval is granted, can they enter the area legally.
  • Holders of the tourist visa (L) are forbidden to engage in activities such as employment, religious propaganda and illegal journalist interviewing.
  • If the passport is lost in China, report to the local public security organ as soon as possible and explains what has happened. Besides, contact with the embassy or consulate of your own country applying for an exit document with a certificate issued by the local public security organ.
  • All foreign visitors staying in China should abide the Chinese laws and respect the Chinese habits and customs. Anything disturb China's national security, public interests and social order are forbidden and would result in punishment.
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