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Mountain -- Mt. Taishan
Mountain -- Mt. Taishan

The leader of the 'Five Sacred Mountains' in China religion tour, Mt. Tai is located in the center of Shandong Province, lying across the cities of Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo. It is not only a famous Buddhism Mountain but also a Taoist Mountain. Its main peak, Jade Emperor Summit, which is within Tai'an City, is about 1545 meters (5070 feet) high.


The mountain was once called Mt. Daishan, Mt. Daizong or Mt. Taiyue and was renamed Mt. Taishan in the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC). It epitomizes splendid Chinese culture and was listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987.


In ancient times, the first thing for an emperor to do on ascending to the throne was to climb Mount Taishan and pray to heaven and earth or their ancestors. It was said that 72 emperors of different dynasties made pilgrimages to this mountain. These special ceremonies and sacrifices earned the mountain widespread fame. In addition, many poets and literary scholars also visited the mountain to gain inspiration. The grandiose temples, the numerous stone inscriptions and stone tablets are the best testaments to these visits. Mt. Tai also played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Taoism.


Taishan Mountain is a natural museum abounding with cultural relics and artworks. Heavenly Queen Pool, Red Gate Palace, Mid-Heaven Gate, Azure Cloud Temple are powerful examples. Stone carvings include the Buddhist Diamond Sutra in Jing Shi Valley, the Scripture of Mt. Tai and the Mo Ya Tablet.


Besides historic relics, Mount Taishan boasts unique natural scenery too. The lofty peaks, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, enchanting rocks and the centuries-old pines and cypresses will undoubtedly encourage you linger with no thought of leaving. The four wonders of the mountain are Sunrises from the East, the Sunset Glow, the Sea of Clouds and the Golden Belt along the Yellow River. It would be a great pity to miss the four wonders.


1.Travelling Route
A. One-day Travelling Between Mountain and Water. The route goes along the Lashan Mountain, which is the country-leveled forest park famous for its uniqueness, narrow passes and remoteness, and the Liangshan Lake (Dongping Lake), which is the only remaining water of the 800-li Lake in "The Outlaws of Marsh."
B. Two-day Travelling around the Remnants of "The Outlaws of Marsh." Main scenic spots on this route include the Jiliang Mountain (Sili Mountain) where was the gathering place of the then heroes of Shuihu and where their barns were located, the Lashan Mountain famous for its uniqueness, narrow passes and remoteness and known as "the Small Mt. Tai," the Liugong Mountain which was the northern gate of the Uprising Army in Shuihu, the Juyi Island which is the center of the Liangshan Lake and the place where articles of tribute, after being got by wisdom, were handed out to relieve the poor people, and the Liangshan Mountain which was the living place for the Shuihu heroes.
C. Three-day Travelling on Ancient Culture. The major scenic spots include the Ancient City of Wuyan and Suchang during the Warring States Period, the Giant Buddha of the Sui Dynasty in the Baifo Mountain, the Carved Religious Scriptures on the Erhongdingmo Cliff in the Southern and Northern Periods, the cultural relics of Shuihu, and so on.

2.Tourism Suggestions
A. Spring, summer and fall are midseasons for tourism. Large tourism and entertainment activities include the Baifo Mountain Sacrifice held on February 2nd according to the lunar calendar, the Lashan Temple Fair held around the Tomb-sweeping Day and the Fishing Contest held on September 20th. Knowing all this, you can choose a proper time to come to Dongping for sightseeing.
B. You'd better choose the Two-day Travelling Route on Relics of Shuihu to gain an all-around understanding of the scenic spots of Dongpin County.
C. Leave Dongping for the Lianshan Mountain through the National Highway 220, and you can have a sight of the mountain village where the Lianshan heroes gathered in those days; or leave for Qufu through National Highway 105, and you can go to the hometown of Confucius; besides, you can go to Tai'an through Taidong Highway, appreciating the magnificence and majesty of Mt. Tai, head of the Five Famous Mountains in China.


Admission Fee: RMB 80 per person

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