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Hebei Landscape
  • Zhaozhou Bridge
  • The well-known Zhaozhou Bridge, also known as Anji Bridge or Dashi Bridge, is a large stone-arched bridge located on the Xiaohe River in Zhaozhou County, Hebei Province . It is the largest and oldest stone-arched bridge in the world.   It took 11 years to complete the bridge -- from the fi...

  • Longxing Temple
  • Built in 586 and located in Zhengding, Hebei Province, the sixth year of Kaihuang, Sui Dynasty, the Longxing Temple was originally called the "Hidden Dragon Temple" (Long Cang Si ) , and later in the Tang Dynasty the "Rising Dragon Temple" (Long Xing Si). In 1713, the fifty-se...

  • The imperial summer Resort (Bishu Shanzhuang)
  • The imperial summer Resort (Bishu Shanzhuang) is in North Chengde, which is situated two hundred and fifty kilometers of Beijing. It is known as the largest imperial landscape garden in China.   During the Qing Dynasty this resort served as a resting place for emperors on their way to the ...

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