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The National Palace Museum
The National Palace Museum

One of the must-see attractions in Taiwan is the National Palace Museum. The National Palace Museum is located in Shilin district, Taipei.


The Taipei National Palace Museum and the famous Forbidden City in Beijing are derived from the same institution, which was split into two as a result of the Chinese Civil War. The museum itself has four floors. The first, second and third floors are used for exhibitions, while the fourth floor is a lounge where visitors can rest.


National Palace Museum has undergone several transformations. The museum was first known as the Beijing National Palace until 1933. In order to evade the attack of the Japanese, treasures were evacuated to Nanjing. Later during the civil war, the national government delivered the important treasures to Taiwan to evade damages. This transition brought the re-establishment of the National Palace Museum in 1965; it was first called Chungsan Museum known as the Taipei National Palace. With a total of two thousand nine hundred and seventy-two boxes of treasures, The Taipei National Palace became a world-known museum.


On the left side of the museum hall is Chih-shan Garden, which showcases many of the elements of traditional Chinese gardening art. Inside the garden, pavilions, little bridges, flowing water, winding paths and green trees combine to create an atmosphere of simplicity and serenity. On the pillars of the pavilion, verses of well-known calligraphers are carved, increasing the beauty of the area and the pleasure of visitors-even those who cannot read the graceful characters.


On the right side of the museum hall is Chih-te Garden. Strolling through it, you will marvel at the beauty of the pavilions, bridges and ponds that grace this garden, especially in autumn, when the cool wind carries the fragrance of the lotus and sweet-scented osmanthus.


Of course, the National Palace Museum is also nearby other must-see attractions in Taipei including Yangmingshan National Park, Shilin Night Market, Beitou Hot Spring and many more. Do not miss to visit National Palace Museum to have an exploration of Chinese culture!


Ticket Prices:
Adults: TWD 160
Group visits: TWD 120 per person (minimum 10 people with identification)
Special fare for army, police, and student: NT$80 (with identification)
Retired veterans and civil servants, elderly, handicapped, children under school age: free admission with proper identification.

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